Montreal Kosher Food

Chez Benny

Chez Benny is a fast food restaurant, open since 1991. They believe in kosher fast-food with the quality of a sit-down restaurant. Chez Benny strives to better serve the Montreal Jewish community with its higher quality for the best price. They serve different varieties of food, reflecting the diversity of Jewish culture and taste. You will find Chinese, Ashkenazi, Mediterranean and American cuisine here. Whether you want to sit in, order take-out, or need catering for your next event, Chez Benny is your one-stop Kosher solution!

Due to growing demand of the Chez Benny trademark, an Express franchise was opened on Saint-Laurent in 2005. Visit the website for more:

Business Hours

Sun-Thu: 11am-11pm
Fri: 11am-Sabbath time
Sat: Motse Sabbath-3am

Sun-Thu: 11am-12am
Fri: 11am-Sabbath time
Sat: Motse Sabbath-1am


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